Here is a list of affordable places to visit in Kenya in no particular order:

1. Nairobi National Museum.

The first in our list of affordable places to visit in Kenya is the Nairobi National Museum. The Nairobi National Museum is an amazing place for you to experience our country’s natural, human, and cultural heritage. It is in this same museum that you can get to see the various bird species in the animal kingdom.

Another spectacular sight in the museum is the skeleton of the famous elephant, Ahmed.

Who is Ahmed you may ask. Well, he was the elephant with the longest tusks ever in the world. Former president Jomo Kenyatta made sure he was well protected in Marsabit National Reserve till his time of death, fortunately, Ahmed died a natural death.

The museum is also home to the Nairobi snake park, if you are afraid of snakes, well that is okay. The snakes are well kept in an area suitable for you to view through a glass window. And the good news is you can visit the park for as low as Ksh 100 for adults and Ksh 50 for children.

When looking for places to visit in Kenya, don’t leave this tourist attraction out.

2. Ngong’ Hills Forest

The fourth in our list of affordable places to visit in Kenya is the Ngong’ Hills Forest. Located at the northern tip of Kajiado County just 25 kilometers from Nairobi City is this forest.

It is well known to host a variety of flora for example pine, cypress, acacia, etc and fauna for example buffaloes, wild pigs, dik-diks, porcupines, etc. and 30 wind energy generation power sites.

Some of the activities carried out here that make Ngong Hills Forest one of the most attractive places to visit in Kenya are hiking, viewing, camping, team building, and also weddings. It is a beautiful place for you, your friends and family to relax and enjoy a lovely sunset and scenic beauty for only Ksh 200 per citizen adult.

3. Fourteen Falls.

The tenth in our list of affordable places to visit in Kenya is the Fourteen Falls. It is located in Thika which is around 45 km from Nairobi city, it’s name is derived from 14 successive falls located on the Athi River.

It is considered one of the most attractive places to visit in Kenya for people who like an adventure in the wild. There are various activities carried out here for example boat riding, fishing, photography, watch divers perform spectacular shows as they dive from the cliffs to the waters below and bird watching.

Oldonyo Sabuk National Park famously known as Kilimambogo is located near the falls. There is a huge number of buffaloes that reside here, on the mountain is the tomb of Lord Macmillan and his dog.

Activities like hiking and camping are carried out here for only Ksh 100 for adults and Ksh 50 for children.

4. Thompson Falls.

The twelfth in our list of affordable places to visit in Kenya is the Thompson Falls.  Thompson falls is an attraction site found in Nyahururu town in Laikipia County. The waterfall is on Ewaso Ng’iro river, a few kilometers from Lake Olbolosat which drains from the Aberdare ranges.

In 1883 Joseph Thompson was the first European explorer to set eyes on the majestic falls, he therefore decided to name it after his own father. He was impressed by the stupendous thundering of the waters. The falls also appeared in the television movie The Man In The Brown Suit in the year 1998.

One of the most adventurous activities here is that you actually have the chance to go down to the bottom of the falls and also pick up guiding maps from the curio shops around Thompson Falls entrance to get guidance on the direction of Kenya’s Highest Hippo Pools found on the upstream of Thompson Falls.

Thompson falls is one of the cheapest places to visit in Kenya because it has an entry fee of only Ksh 100 adults who are Kenyan citizens and Ksh 50 for children who are Kenyan citizens.

5. Mount Longonot National Park.

The fourteenth in our list of affordable places to visit in Kenya is Mount Longonot. The word Longonot is a Maasai word meaning “mountains of many steep ridges”. It is a dormant volcano that is estimated to have erupted in the 1860s making it stand at an estimated height of 750m above the floor of the Great Rift Valley and 2776m above sea level.

The Mt Longonot National Park is under the Kenya Wildlife Service, there are several animals found here most of them live in the thick covering on the floor of the crater thus seeing them is not guaranteed.

One of the activities carried out here is climbing the mountain, there are wonderful views from the top of the mountain for example Lake Naivasha. The hike from the park entrance gate to Longonot peak and back takes around 5 hours. The entry fee to Mount Longonot National Park is only Ksh 300 for adults. It is therefore one of the most affordable places to visit in Kenya.

6. Fort Jesus

The twentieth in our list of affordable places to visit in Kenya is Fort Jesus. Fort Jesus is definitely one of the most historically significant places to visit in Kenya. It was built in the year 1593-1596 on the coastline of Old Town in Mombasa and was a transit place for trade and the gateway to India.

The Portuguese built the fort by the designs of Joao Batista Cairato, who drew his inspiration from Pietro Cataneo, an Italian architect. The building material and labor came from the Swahili people who were the indigenous inhabitants of Mombasa.

The fort takes the shape of a man from above. In 1858, it became a national park and in the year 2011, it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site marked as one of the most beautiful and brilliant structures from the 16th century. The entry fee is only Ksh 200  for adults and Ksh 100 for children.

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